Lamborghini Urus launched in India
Friday, January 12, 2018
Editor Garipoint
Lamborghini Urus launched in India for Rs 3 Crores

Lamborghini has launched the Urus SUV in India and has priced it at Rs 3 crore (ex-showroom India). The Urus is so important for Lamborghini that they introduced an all-new production plant just for the SUV.

The Lamborghini Urus, however, distinguishes itself as a slightly practical car that is less demanding in its seating and can be taken on the broken tarmac as well. The suspension setup on Lamborghini Urus is versatile and can be adjusted to meet the race track requirements on that on irregular road surfaces. Braking performance comes from the massive 440mm front and 370mm rear carbon ceramic brakes. There is a host of electronic aids as well to maintain all that power in control.

Lamborghini Urus gets a 4.0-litre Twin Turbo V8 engine, a first turbo in the automaker's history, which can easily find its place beside the Aventador and Huracan. The engine is tuned to create 641 bhp and 850 Nm of peak torque, while the performance SUV can hit the 0-100kmph in 3.6 seconds and 200kmph in 12.8 seconds. The Urus has a top speed of 305kmph, which is not bad at all for something that weighs 2.2 tonnes.

The Italian SUV accompanies the contender stream style ANIMA drive selector which controls five driving modes - Strada, Sport, Corsa, Sabbia (sand), Terra (land) and Neve (snow). Apart from it, Lamborghini's famous Ego mode is additionally present. To stop the mammoth beast with confidence, the Urus comes fitted with the biggest brakes fitted on a production SUV.

It is unmistakably a Lamborghini with all those chiseled creases and the in-your-face styling. The front bumper is very busy with lots of slats and louvers making it appear like a Sci-Fi creature. The SUV sits on enormous 23-inch designer alloy wheels (largest in its segment). The Urus additionally scrounges the rear-wheel steering from the Aventador S. The wheels are wrapped in special Pirellis. The Urus locks horns with the likes of Bentley Bentayga, Land Rover Range Rover along with other opulent and fast SUVs.