About Us
GariPoint is 'All About Cars'.
GariPoint is a comprehensive web portal for cars. It enables and helps car consumers to gain information and insight about the growing car industry in India.
Our Goal ...
Our goal is to educate and empower the car community to make informed decisions about cars and its associated services. We aim to provide easily accessible and enriched information to all car consumers.
GariPoint strives to make car buying and selling process easy and handy. We aim to bring car consumers to a common platform, where everyone has lots of choices available. An adaptive and customizable platform with variety of tools for the car community.
Our Team ...
We have team of dedicated professionals who are experts in their individual areas. Our advisory board have members hailing from the good old ambassador and fiat only days. With subject experts on Automobile, we possess strong core technical team. Combine and collective efforts by all team members has made GariPoint highly informative and very effective online tool for the car community.
What's Next ...
The journey has just begun. There are so many aspects yet to be introduced in Indian car market. Car enthusiasts and automobile stake holders will always find something new and intriguing on GariPoint. We have many more new and exciting features in pipeline that will be introduced soon.
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