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Get your car covered against disasters and theft. Let GariPoint assist you to get the right car insurance at a low premium. Our network car insurance companies can help to make your car insurance process quick and easy, whether it is for insuring a new car or renewal of car insurance policy for your existing car.
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What is car insurance?
Car insurance is an insurance agreement (referred as policy) between car owner and an insurance company to cover the owner/insured against any financial losses due to theft, accident, medical emergencies, fire, burglary, or damages claimed by third party. Car insurance is generally an annual agreement covering your car 24x7 whether it is parked or on the road.
Why do you need car insurance?
It is mandatory by law to have your car insured. Besides being mandatory, it also gives peace of mind to the owner/driver of the car. It serves as a protection to the car owner against any unforeseen financial losses that may be caused due to theft, damages, or accident.
Types of car insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

Third-Party Insurance

What should you look for while buying car insurance?

Some key factors that you should look for while buying a car insurance policy are:-

Company - Select a good company that has good track record for claims settled.

Coverage - Try to get more coverage for the car and yourself. Look for maximum coverage benefits.

Customer Service - Choose an insurance company that can assist you at times of need and is readily available for assistance.

Price - Look for competitive prices depending upon the kind of car insurance you choose.