Future BMW and Mini Models to Feature i3s-like Traction Control System
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Editor Garipoint
All Future BMW, MINI Models to Get New BMW i3S' Traction Control System

BMW Group has announced that all future BMW and MINI cars will accompany the company's latest traction control system, which was introduced in the new BMW i3s electric car.

For BMW i3S, it accompanies a zero-emission electric motor that is powered by a 33kWh lithium-ion battery, offering a power output of 181bhp electric motor which generates peak torque of 269Nm. It's the same capacity battery that the regular i3 gets, but in the i3s, the motor produces an extra power of 14bhp and addition torque of over 20Nm. The new BMW i3s also features a Sport mode which can go from 0-100kmph in just 6.8 seconds with top speed of 16kmph.

It gets another powertrain-integrated process control unit instead of a remote unit that uses signal paths to communicate in older versions. The omission of a remote unit trims the process cycle and enables a faster response while accelerating out of corners and during active brake energy regeneration phases. These quicker times assist in improving traction and driving stability in adverse weather and road conditions.

BMW claims this new traction control system offers 50-times faster responses for greater traction and driving stability. Interestingly, though the new traction control system has been introduced for the first time, with the new BMW i3s, the technology is not limited to cars that use pure electric drivetrain. BMW claims that the innovative traction control system can likewise optimize traction, driving stability and driving dynamics in vehicles with internal combustion engines. This is why the company has now decided to introduce the system in all future BMW and MINI models, irrespective of the actuality whether they come with front-, rear- and all-wheel drive setup.